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My rose garden has never

My rose garden has never had worms in it so I planted a Compot to help nourish the soil and now the whole garden bed is just teaming with worms…truly amazing

J of Blackbutt

My Compots are brilliant

Just wanted to tell you how much I love my Compots.  I have 3 in my garden and I can’t believe how brilliant they are.  Thank you …… Customer at Nambour Garden Expo.  11th July 2015

Eta Brand

Best and easiest product by far..

” I could only take 1 Compot with me when I moved house.  The others were stuck in the ground, but just one is awesome. Look at my veggies.  I’ve ordered 3 more anyway. I’m the laziest composter ever and you have the best and easiest product by far. I hope you sell at least one to every home that has a courtyard or back yard.  Good Luck……”


No more smelly bins

I think the soldier flies must really love prawn shells – and still no smell – yay,  so nice to not have to put them in the freezer till bin day.   I’m going to water blast my green bin and it will stay pristine from now on.   And no more yucky bins in the house either – don’t even need bin liners now, and that’s a good thing!… Read more “No more smelly bins”

P. Sweatman

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