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I wanted to congratulate you!

I wanted to congratulate you! The compot provides a complete and aesthetically pleasing solution to unsightly and smelly composts, something I and I imagine many other urban gardeners have been seeking for quite a while! Bravo on the marketing too. .. so I’ll see you at your lovely stall again early Feb, ready for my second investment…. m


…My compottop grows the wheatgrass

…My compottop grows the wheatgrass twice as fast as it does in my wheat grass trays.

Customer at the markets

..Fantastic. They are the only

..Fantastic. They are the only thing keeping my soil moist in this dry hot weather up in Rockhampton

Councillor Tom Wyatt

My pots are going so

My pots are going so well…..cannot believe every time I go to pot 1, 2, 3 etc it’s all decomposed – except for the newspaper which does take a while, I really don’t get any compost out of them, which is great because I figure it’s all going into the surrounds.   (I should add here that ‘D’ does not put meat in her Compots as she doesn’t eat meat.… Read more “My pots are going so”

D of Hamilton

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