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Customer in America……..

Very effective and by far the most simplest way to compost every perishable item one can think of…

V. Patrachari

This little dwarf lemon tree….

“……This little dwarf lemon tree has been transplanted 3 times in one year. The poor little plant has struggled immensely to grow and has never flowered. I had tried fertilizer and all the nursery recommended product to help it along without any success. So, on it’s third move to its “forever” home I decided to take a different process. I tipped the content of my 3/4 full Compot directly into… Read more “This little dwarf lemon tree….”

A. Jones

…Bought five of these a

…Bought five of these a little while ago and the results are amazing. Anne transferred the compost from these onto a Chilli plant that had never really done very well and within a week it was full of lush foliage. Very Cool.!!!!

Tom Smith

Brilliant for dog….

“I am finding my Compot works brilliantly for dog poo…”

Customer at Nambour Expo

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