Composters, Compost Bins, Units, and Equipment for Sale for Environmentally Friendly Composting

Direct Compost Solutions understands how composting benefits your garden and the environment which is why we offer composting equipment for sale. Compost added to your soil increases the nutrients available for the plants, helps the ground retain moisture, adds beneficial organisms that keep plants healthy and makes the soil consistency more conducive to growth. Composting also allows you to increase your eco-friendliness.

Be Eco-Friendly by Composting

Composting your waste keeps it out of the landfills and turns it into a useable product. Your trash gets hauled to the dump on trucks so when you create less trash, you lower the amount of energy and release of greenhouse gases that are needed to transport it.

Even biodegradable materials don’t decompose efficiently in landfills because it’s buried and doesn’t receive the oxygen it needs. The type of decomposition that occurs in landfills produces more methane than composting. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that absorbs much more heat than equal amounts of carbon dioxide, so it is considered a significant factor in the warming of the planet.

Composting reduces the erosion of soil because it decreases the soil density and allows the soil to retain water. When it rains, the moisture is absorbed into the ground instead of running off taking the top layer with it. You will also have to water your plants less which will put less demand on the water sources such as aquifers and reservoirs.

Compost acts as a natural fertiliser and pesticide so you can use fewer chemicals in your garden. Artificial fertilisers and pesticides can run-off and enter the stream and river systems and end up in the lakes and ocean. When excess fertilisers enter the water systems, they can cause algal bloom because the algae feed off it. When the algae die and decompose they strip the oxygen from the water. The other aquatic life quickly dies without the dissolved oxygen in the water, and the lake or ocean becomes a dead zone.

If you do need fertilisers and herbicides, we offer a line of organic liquid fertilisers and weed killers which are designed to work in concert with compost-rich soil. Even though it is safe for your plants and animals, you want to start by using a very diluted solution because it will come to you as a concentrated product.

Composting Equipment for Sale

When you want to take advantage of all the benefits composting provides your garden and the environment we have composting units for sale. If you are new to composting, we offer a composting starter kit you might find to be an excellent place to start. You can take your environmentally friendly pursuits one step further with our black recycled or green recyclable composting bins for sale. Our recycled black composters are great for waste disposal and animal waste if you are not into gardening  but want a simple waste disposal unit and hate throwing your waste in your council bin.

Contact Direct Compost Solutions if you have questions about a composter for sale or if you would like to discuss techniques for successful composting. Our knowledgeable staff can help determine which type of composting would best fit your lifestyle and gardening needs.

Reap the Advantages of a Home Composting System and Buy a Composter and Compost Bins Online

Composting is the breakdown of organic waste into useable components that can be absorbed by plants. When you add compost to the soil in your garden, it returns essential nutrients and minerals that plants strip away during the growing season. It provides many benefits to home gardeners, and Direct Compost Solutions wants you to reap the benefits of composting. Thus, we make it easy to buy compost bins online.

Benefits of Composting

Whether you grow flowers or vegetables in containers or beds, compost added to the soil provides many benefits. As plants grow they absorb essential nutrients from the soil which leaves the ground lacking for the next generations. The microorganisms in the composter break down dead organic matter such as leaves, grass clipping, and kitchen waste to release the nutrients plants need and adding compost reenergises your soil with plant supporting compounds.

The humus material that your home composting system produces holds onto moisture longer than soil that lacks organic matter. Your plants will not only appreciate the nutrients from the compost but also its moisture retaining abilities which allows you to water less.

Some soils can be hard for plants to inhabit because of their consistency. For example, sandy soil allows water to run out of it and can create an environment that is too dry for plants. Clay can be tight and dense making it difficult for plants to grow a root system. Some soil may be contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, or pollutants that inhibits the growth of your plants. Adding compost to poor soil rehabilitates it so it can support healthy crops and flowers.

A variety of organisms decompose the lawn or kitchen waste to create compost, and when you add compost to your soil, the microorganisms go with it. Composting organisms such as worms and bacteria have a beneficial relationship with plants, and their presence can help fend off diseases that infect the plants.

Buy a Home Composting System Online

We want you and your garden to reap all the benefits of composting which is why we make it easy to buy a home composting system online. We offer Compot brand composters which take the hassle out of home composting. Some people don’t like traditional composting because it can make an unsightly mess, smell, and attract pests. When you buy a Compot composter online, you no longer have these downsides.

After you buy compost bins online, you bury them strategically throughout your garden, so they are out of sight. You leave the lid accessible so you can add yard and kitchen waste easily. The waste breaks down inside the Compot and is released through the various holes. Because it is buried in your garden, you don’t smell it or see it, and pests stay out of it.

If you want to buy a home composting system online contact Direct Compost Solutions. Our caring staff can help you determine how many composting bins to buy online, what type of waste to put in them, and where you should place them in your garden.

Produce Your Own Plants with Propagation Equipment, Tools, and a Dome or Lid from Direct Compost Solutions

Direct Compost Solutions understands that gardeners find plant propagation to be a very satisfying way of filling their gardens which is why we offer propagation equipment. Instead of purchasing plants, you use a variety of methods to produce plants from the stock you already have. Some forms of propagation are more problematic, and some species can be a challenge, but it is overcoming the difficulties that makes the process so gratifying.

Propagation Methods

Plants can reproduce sexually and asexually, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Plants use flowers to make seeds to reproduce sexually. The two plants combine their genetic material to create offspring that have unique genetic combinations apart from the parents. Asexual propagation, also called vegetative propagation, requires only one parent from which a genetic clone is grown.

Sexual propagation is relatively easy because you use seeds to grow new plants. It leads to genetic variation which benefits your garden by making the plants less susceptible to disease. However, seeds can take a long time to mature.

Several methods exist that result in successful asexual propagation, but some plants can only reproduce using seeds so they won’t work on all species. Because vegetative propagation creates clones you know the traits you will be getting. However, if the parent has a flaw such as being inclined to a fungal infection, the offspring will have that trait too.

Cutting is a common form of vegetative propagation in many herbaceous plants. To reproduce a plant through cutting, you take a leaf or stem off the plant and place it in water until it grows roots. Rooting hormone can be added to the incision site to increase the success rate. You can also take cuttings from the roots of the plant, and if the root is used, it should be kept in the dark. Once the plant produces the structures it needs to survive in soil, you can transplant them.

Layering involves bending a branch from the parent plant and securing it to the ground using metal stakes. Once the branch develops a root system so it can support itself, you can sever its connection to the parent plant.

If a plant is getting too big, you can use division to bring it back down in size while producing new individuals. You need to dig up the plant and separate the root system making sure each new plant has enough roots to survive. Bulb or tuber roots are very easy to propagate using this method.

Propagation Equipment

We have various propagation tools to make your efforts more convenient and more likely to be successful. For example, a propagation lid can protect a new seedling or cutting while it is starting to grow. A propagation dome keeps the moisture and temperature moderated, so the fledgling plants don’t undergo shock and die. If you need anything for your propagation or composting efforts contact Direct Compost Solutions and our friendly staff will help you with what you need.

Getting Started with a Home Composting System with a Compost Container Unit, Kit, and Tools

Would you like to add vital nutrients to your garden’s soil in an environmentally-friendly way? Would you also enjoy avoiding hard labour to amend and fertilize your yard? If so, composting with a convenient underground compost bin is hands-down the way to go. Here’s how you can get started with your very own composting unit the easy way with Direct Compost Solutions (DCS).

How to Compost Without the Hard Work

Many people are interested in giving composting a go but are afraid that it will be too difficult or complicated to get started. They may also be concerned that adding a bin to their yard will introduce unpleasant odours or attract vermin. Others may mistakenly believe they just have no space to add a composting bin to their garden. All these issues are conveniently addressed with the help of Direct Compost Solutions’ Compot kit and our other compost tools and resources.

The simple fact of the matter is that getting high quality compost shouldn’t require a lot of hard work. Nature takes care of composting on its own without needing human intervention, so why should composting in your garden be any different? Yet with so many different composting methods, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you.

There are two basic forms of composting: active and passive. With active composting, such as with a worm bin or compost heap, you’ll need to turn and manage your compost very carefully to ensure that it maintains the proper pH and level of moisture. This is usually not necessary for most gardens, and the passive method requires far less work and is more desirable for most people. A compost kit from DCS allows you to quickly dispose of your kitchen waste passively, allowing nature to do what it does best without any extra work or fuss on your part.

What Sets Our Discreet Compost Container Apart

While all compost methods allow you to dispose of most kinds of kitchen waste, very few can handle materials such as meat, dairy or oil which are difficult to break down. The Compot home composting system from Direct Compost Solutions, however, can handle all these substances and more. As long as it is biodegradable, you can add it to your underground compost bin and forget it. Additionally, our below-ground design means that you can hide your bin from view and take up far less space in your garden or vegetable patch than with most available compost solutions.

At DCS, we educate Australians on proper composting methods and give them the tools they need to compost efficiently and conveniently at home. If you’d like to learn more about our products, or about composting in general, please look at our composting information.

For additional information, or for assistance with any enquiries you may have, feel free to contact us by phone or email. We are happy to assist you and hope we can help you make a smart choice when it comes to choosing a compost container for your home.

Bucket Your Kitchen Waste and Improve Your Garden with a Durable(recyclable?) Plastic Compost Bin

You’ve probably heard by now that composting is one way you can improve your garden’s soil with natural, healthy nutrients while doing your part to help heal the planet as well. Yet perhaps you’ve been a bit hesitant to give it a try. However, contrary to popular belief, getting started with composting does not have to be complicated or expensive—especially when you get a hidden underground compost bucket from Direct Compost Solutions to easily nourish your garden without adding clutter or mess to your yard.

Reasons to Consider Adding a Compost Bin to Your Yard

Many Australians are choosing to add a garden composter to their garden as a way to manage their kitchen waste while eliminating the need for artificial fertilizers for their vegetables and flowers. These benefits extend beyond the backyard, as you will be contributing less waste to area landfills and reducing environmentally-damaging greenhouse gas emissions such as methane. So why not consider getting your own garden compost bin?

While some people choose to start their compost piles or make DIY plastic composters (such as from an old repurposed rubbish bin), these can have some serious drawbacks and could turn your well-intentioned composting project into a smelly and unsightly flop. The best way to ensure your compositing works in the long-term is to get a durable solution that is designed to accommodate all kinds of kitchen waste and which can control both odour and vermin. An easy solution is to get a high-quality plastic compost bin, ready for purchase from Direct Compost Solutions.

Start Composting Conveniently with Direct Compost Solutions

At Direct Compost Solutions, our goal is to educate Australians on how just how easy it is to get started with composting, and why everyone should consider doing it for their garden. We know you have many options when it comes to various composting methods, so we try to offer up the pros and cons of each.

We believe we have found the best solution for busy homeowners with the Compot compost bin, which can accept all forms of bio-degradable kitchen waste without adding any clutter to your garden space. This elegant alternative to above-ground composters allows you to nourish all parts of your garden without needing any turning or other additional labour. In fact, it’s so easy to use you can merely Fill, Forget, Refill continuously as you enjoy healthier fruits and vegetables and more vibrant flowers.

We have helped people across Australia get started with this simple yet effective garden composting method. Browse some of the positive feedback we’ve received from our satisfied customers. We’d like to help you get the most out of your composting experience as well. For more information, or to find out how you can get started with one of our practical Compot bins, send us an email or give us a call. A helpful member of our team would be happy to assist you with choosing one of these garden- and planet-friendly solutions.

No More Smelly Compost Bins: Buy an Invisible Composting Kit or Composter for Sale in Brisbane

You may have heard that composting can have some incredible benefits for both your yard and the planet, from producing healthier vegetables to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but you may not have wanted to deal with the inconvenience of having an unsightly or smelly compost bin in your garden. Thankfully, you can still significantly reduce the waste stream out of your home when you compost all your kitchen waste with the help of a hidden composter from Direct Compost Solutions (DCS). When you buy one of our compost bins, available in Brisbane from our online store, you will be able to reap the many benefits of composting without ever having to turn or toil.

The Benefits of Choosing a Hidden Composting Kit from Direct Compost Solutions

Traditionally, there have been two main options for composting in the garden: either creating an open compost heap or opting for a plastic above-ground bin that stands somewhere in the yard. While both methods can result in quality compost, they do come with drawbacks, including potential odours while taking up a valuable chunk of your real estate. Bins do have a slight advantage over heaps in preventing vermin from entering, but they are often more visible. Thankfully, a ‘Compot’ composter for sale in Brisbane from Direct Compost Solutions takes care of all these issues elegantly by remaining below ground, hidden from view, and discreetly obscuring all smells.

When you use this composting method, you can nourish your entire garden easily and effectively without having to turn your compost, as you must do with other bins or with compost heaps. You will also be able to use all bio-degradable material from your kitchen—including meat and dairy—meaning you can further reduce your waste and environmental footprint easily and conveniently. All you need to do is buy a composting kit for your Brisbane home, dig a hole, and you’re set.

How to Buy Our Composting Kit in Brisbane

With Direct Compost Solutions, you can Fill, Forget, Refill repeatedly without ever having to break a sweat. Our convenient composters are a no-fuss alternative to traditional composting methods that allow you to achieve the same incredible benefits for your garden without having to put in the extra work associated with most bins or heaps. Because our bins remain underground, you’ll never have to worry about having an unsightly addition to your yard or have to deal with vermin or odours. You will also have more room to devote to the things you want to show off in your outdoor space. If you’re ready to give composting a go, why not buy one of our compost bins for your Brisbane home?

If you’re still not convinced, be sure to check out what others have said about our convenient composting kits. DCS has helped many people rethink what composting is all about and has allowed homeowners in Brisbane and beyond enjoy healthier gardens while living a more sustainable lifestyle.

We are also happy to answer whatever enquiries you may have. Simply email us at [email protected] any time or give us a call on (+61) 0467 006 529, and a friendly member of our team will be ready to assist you with making your composting decision.

A Guide to Propagating Equipment and Related Tools in Brisbane: Have You Purchased Your Dome Yet?

Planting your seeds early in the growing season can be a wonderful way to take a proactive approach to gardening, but sometimes the natural conditions outdoors don’t match your ambitions. If the weather hasn’t warmed up just yet, your seeds might find it too chilly to grow properly, and you could end up with a disappointing yield. Other environmental factors can affect the way your seeds grow too, so it’s important to offer them as much protection as possible during this critical stage of their growth. Purchasing the correct propagating tools in Brisbane allows you to keep your seeds safe and help them grow efficiently when you are trying to raise them in conditions that might otherwise prove difficult.

Why Purchasing a Propagator Dome in Brisbane Can be One of the Best Choices

If you’ve started a garden for the express purpose of growing food or ornamental plants, then buying a propagator dome in Brisbane is an excellent investment. A propagator dome will allow you to water and cultivate your seeds while trapping enough heat and humidity to keep them comfortable. As such, it is one of the easiest ways to keep your seeds warm and wet when the weather in your area isn’t doing so naturally. People use propagating equipment in Brisbane for several purposes. Their uses include:

  • Experimenting with various seeds under different growing conditions. Some people use propagators to accelerate wheatgrass growth so that they can have a reliable supply on hand for juices and smoothies!
  • Protecting seedlings until they are old or large enough to grow without assistance. If you want to make sure your strawberries or tomatoes make it this year, a propagator might be exactly what you need.
  • Growing wheat, oats, barley, and other forms of animal feed, which are useful in chicken pens, where the seeds require time and must be left undisturbed before they can become viable food sources for your animals.

The Advantages of Buying Tools and Equipment from Direct Compost Solutions

When you are searching for propagating tools or equipment to help you meet these needs, make sure to buy them from a company that can sell you more than just the dome. You should also buy metal stakes and lift pins (if they are not included) so that you can support the growth of your fledgling plants as soon as they pop out of the soil and achieve the best possible results.

Direct Compost Solutions has what you need to make sure your seeds can grow properly. We are an established company that has been offering propagators, composters, and other gardening equipment since 2001. Our customers trust us because we put care and effort into everything we make, and the results prove it. Our domes are convenient and designed to work in conjunction with our composting products. Do you want to keep your seeds protected while you grow them? There’s no better way. Simply contact us at your earliest opportunity and let us help.

Learn How a Home Composting Kit or System Can Benefit Your Brisbane Home and Buy a Compost Container or Composter Units Here:

Have you ever thought about purchasing a new home composting system in Brisbane? Some people don’t think that composting is a viable option for waste disposal in big cities—when they hear the term compost; they picture large compost bins in rural areas being used to process manure from farm animals. However, many composting units in Brisbane are perfectly sized and suited to home use. When you use a home composter in Brisbane, you’ll be able to fill it with a wide variety of kitchen waste products and use them to create a soil conditioner that will help with your gardening efforts. As such, you will be able to save money on groceries while reducing your impact on the environment.

How to Find the Ideal Home Composting System or Kit in Brisbane

A certain degree of research should always accompany the decision to buy a composting kit in Brisbane. Learning about the various compost container options in Brisbane allows you to choose one that meets your needs more effectively than other options. Compost bins that are ideal for home use all offer certain features. When you can identify these features, you will always be able to choose a superior composting kit for your needs. Successful Brisbane-area composters should all be inconspicuous when placed in gardens, and low-maintenance. You should be able to fill them with any biodegradable material and simply wait while the composter does its job.

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Shopping for Composting Units

If you want to ensure that you will buy a cost-effective and easy to use composter, avoid the following common errors people make when shopping for these products:

  • Assuming the composters available in large home and garden stores or chains are the only options available—or the best ones, for that matter. Many superior composters are available to purchase directly online or at garden shows, where the real pros go to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Buying a composter that requires high amounts of manual labour to operate. You don’t want to be lugging bags of smelly material to (or from) your composter. Simply adding items and waiting should be the only work required for you to turn your kitchen waste into useful soil conditioner.
  • Purchasing a composting kit that will take up space in your garden or prove unsightly to visitors. Your composter should blend in with the surroundings so that your garden remains pristine and appealing.

Direct Compost Solutions offers unique support to eco-friendly gardeners in the Brisbane area, with products that make composting a breeze. Our singularly useful designs are invaluable to homeowners who want to keep their compost bins from taking up too much room or ruining the aesthetics of their gardens. They also work effectively on a wide variety of materials, including onions, meat, oils, and dairy products. Learn more about all we can offer you. Contact us and speak with a representative today.

Looking at New Garden Composter Bins? Purchase One of These Buckets in Brisbane

Ridding yourself of kitchen waste in an eco-friendly manner can be a challenge, and you don’t want to simply throw everything away. After all, organic matter doesn’t belong in a landfill somewhere. It belongs in a place that will help it return to the earth. That’s where composting comes into play. Composting is an important technique that can easily allow individuals and families to reduce their environmental footprints and take a proactive approach to going green in their own homes. The trick is to purchase the correct composter in the Brisbane area.

How Compost Buckets in Brisbane Work (and Why You Should Care about Buying a New One)

Several different companies produce and offer compost bins in Brisbane, but which should you choose? Composting is simple in theory: organic matter simply sits in a bin until a combination of microorganisms and oxygen cause it to decompose. At this point, it forms into a nutrient-rich soil conditioner that can be extremely useful in the garden. People who purchase a garden composter in Brisbane can often produce healthier and more robust crops of garden vegetables. Growing your own food can make for fresher meals and allow you to save money on your groceries. However, the type of compost bucket you buy in Brisbane will have a marked effect on the ease with which you can accomplish this process.

Ideally, your compost bucket should have the following qualities to guarantee that it produces the effects you want without requiring inconvenience or extra effort:

  • Not visible in the garden. Purchase compost bins that will not be obtrusive.
  • Provides nutrients directly to the plants in your garden. Don’t buy a bin that will require you to move the contents manually.
  • Simple installation and removal when necessary. Makes putting in or taking out your composter an easy process.
  • The ability to effectively compost many kinds of organic material. Buy a composter that can even handle problem items such as meat, onions, dairy, citrus fruit, and oil.
  • A streamlined operation that allows you to make the most of your unit with a “fill and forget” approach. Put material in,
  • And just keep topping it up.  (No need to wait for it to decompose until you want to remove soil for another purpose)

Trust Direct Compost Solutions

Direct Compost Solutions can help. We’ve been in business since 2010, and our bins offer a unique way to deal with all your kitchen waste. If you’re sick of dealing with the smell that comes from your nearest council bin or want to treat the planet with a little more care as you dispose of materials, then buying one or several of our  pots  is an excellent way to do exactly that.

Make your soil more fertile, your vegetables healthier, and your property more environmentally friendly when you invest in a top-quality compost bin in Brisbane from Direct Compost Solutions. For more information, contact our office directly and speak with a qualified representative who can tell you more about all the work we do.